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Government Of Assam Labour and Welfare Commissionerate of Labour

Functions and Objectives


  • Maintenance of industrial peace.
  • Enforcement of Labour Laws.
  • Ensuring Minimum Wages to the workers. ·
  • Settlement of industrial Disputes and Complaints.
  • Publication of Awards/Judgments by Labour Courts.
  • Providing compensation in case of fatal/non—fatal accidents on the job.
  • Settlement of claim cases under Payment of Wages Act, Payment of Gratuity.
  • Registration of Trade Unions.
  • Certification of Standing Orders (Conditions of sen/ices for the workers).
  • Regulation & Abolition of Contract Labour System.
  • Registration of Shops & Commercial Establishments.
  • Ensuring Equal Remuneration to female workers. ,
  • Detect & Rescue child labour from all prohibited sectors and prosecute employers
  • Identification, Release & Rehabilitation of Child Labour (NCLPs).
  • Abolition of Bonded Labour System.
  • Efficient collection and utilization of cess for the benefit of construction workers as well as providing of justice and social security to all sections of workers.
  • Welfare of unorganized workers. .
  • Compilation of Labour Statistics.


The main objectives are: -

  • To ensure welfare of labourers
  • To oversee increase in prosperity -
  • To create healthy and cordial industrial relations between the labourers and employers
  • To mediate in industrial complaints/disputes and ensure industrial peace.
  • To ensure welfare amenities to all sections of workers in organized and unorganized sectors through enforcement of various labour laws.
  • To provide relief and due benefits to labourers through judicial work.
  • To eradicate child labour from the State of Assam.
  • To enforce social security Acts including the Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996 & the Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008.
  • To generate revenue for the state by receiving registration fee under different labour laws.