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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Commissionerate of Labour

Registration of Establishment engaging Construction Workers

  • Check list of documents required

    • A duly filled up application form “I” in (triplicate for manual submission) signed by the Employer or the Authorized signatory. Signature is required only for manual submission of application Form.
    • A xerox copy of the Trade license issued by the local authorities.
    • A xerox copy of the registered partnership deed in the case of a partnership Firm/Establishment.
    • The original copy of the demand draft depositing the requisite amount of fees as specified under Assam Rules-27 in the specified Head of Account or through the “e-Payment” when it is notified and functioning.
    • Address Proof.


    An Act to regulate the employment and conditions of service of building and other construction workers and to provide for their safety, health and welfare measures and for other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Registration of establishments - (l) Every employer shall

    a. In relation to an establishment to which this Act applies on its commencement within a period of sixty days from such commencement; and
    b. In relation to any other establishment to which this Act may be applicable at any time after such commencement within a period of sixty days from the date on which this Act becomes applicable to such establishment, make an application to the registering officer for the registration of such establishment.

    Overall process flow for the Service


    Description of the Process

    The process flow consists of five (5) steps viz-
    Steps 1:- The business entrepreneur (applicant) shall get ready according to the check lists.
    Steps 2:- Fill up Form ‘I’ in (triplicate for manual submission) according to the guidelines which is available in the Department Office/Website
    Steps 3:- The filled up application completed in all respect and prescribed fees either deposited through cross demand draft or through “e-Payment” and alongwith the required documents are to be submitted to the ‘Facilator’ or the Registering authority.
    Steps 4:- Submitted Form and documents are verified by the Registering officer and are officially processed.
    Steps 5:- (a) If the applications is found to be correct in all respect than the application is accepted and a Certificate of Registration is issued to the applicant.
    (b) If the application is found to be incomplete/incorrect, than the application is rejected with a reasoned reply to the applicant.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Any entrepreneur/applicant who engages building and other constructions workers in the establishment.

    Guidelines for Filing up the form

    • The relevant information in Form “I” in (triplicate for manual submission) is to be filled up in Block Letters with Black Ink.
    • The application for Registration of a new establishment should be made in triplicate to the registering officer of the area in which the building or other construction work is to be carried on by the establishment. Signature is required only for manual submission of application Form.

    Fee including the payment mode

    Rule 27 Fees
    : The Fees to be paid for the grant of a certificate of registration under Rule 24 shall be as specified below namely–

    If the number of workers proposed to be employed as building workers for a building or other construction work on one day–

    a.Is upto 100Rs.100.00
    b.Exceed 100 but does not exceed 500Rs.500.00
    c.Exceed 500Rs.1000.00

    Mode of Payment: The requisite fees according to Assam Rules-27 on account of registration shall be paid through a cross demand draft in favour of the Registering Officer, as the case may be and made payable at the branch of the Bank specified by the State Government from time to time at the headquarters of the concerned registering officer or appellate officer or through “e-Payment” when it is notified & functioning.

    Important Timeline

    • After verification if the application is found to correct in all respect than the certificate of registration is to be issued within 15 days from the date of receipt of the applications.
    • If the applications is found to incorrect than rejection with reasoned reply to be issued within 15 days.

    How to apply

    How to apply Image

    Whether the service is Offline or Online

    The local labour office according to the address of the establishment.
    Office of the Asstt. Labour Commissioner / Office of the Labour Officer / Office of the Labour Inspector
    In the case of any difficulty, please contact – Office of the Labour Commissioner, Assam, Gopinath Nagar, Guwahati – 16. Ph. No. 0361-2547406

    Forms to be filled

    Click for filling form Forms - Forms-2 B.O.C.W ACT P.E.

    Service Outcome

    Certificate of Registration of Establishments under Section 7 of the Building and Other Construction Workers (R.E. & C.S.) Act, 1996 [Rule 23 (1)] framed there under.