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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Commissionerate of Labour

Employees Compensation - What is it?

Who is a dependent?

"Dependant" means any of the following relatives of deceased 3[employee], namely:-

  • a widow, a minor 4[legitimate or adopted] son, an unmarried, 4[legitimate or adopted] daughter or A Widowed mother; and
  • if wholly dependant on the earnings of the 3[employee] at the time of his death, a son or a daughter who has attained the age of 18 years and who is infirm;3. if wholly or in part dependant on the earnings of the 3[employees at the time of his death

(a) A widower,
(b) A parent other than a widowed mother,
(c) A minor illegitimate son, an unmarried illegitimate daughter or a daughter 5[legitimate or illegitimate or adopted] if married and a minor or if widowed and a minor,
(d) A minor brother or an unmarried sister or a widowed sister if a minor,
(e) A widowed daughter-in-law,
(f) A minor child of a pre-deceased son,
(g) A minor child of a pre-deceased daughter where no parent of the child is alive, or .
(h) A paternal grandparent if no parent of the 3[employee] is alive;]
[Explanation.-For the purposes of sub-clause (ii) and items (f) and (g) of sub-clause (iii), references to a son, daughter or child include an adopted son, daughter or child respectively.]