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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Commissionerate of Labour

Unorganised Workers Social Security

Who are the Unorganized Workers:

The term ‘unorganised worker’ has been defined under the Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008 as ‘a home based-worker, self employed worker or a wage worker in the unorganised sector and includes a worker in the organised sector who is not covered by any of the Acts mentioned in scheduled II to the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, 2008 as mentioned below:-

  • The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923.
  • The Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.
  • The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948.
  • The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act,1952.
  • The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.
  • The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

Who can apply for  registration under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act?:


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Unorganised Workers